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    Report on relief actions of couple Monika and Horst Blaser
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on relief actions of couple
Monika and Horst Blaser

Clubfoot-children and “fire-children” – Ifunda Health Center, Ifunda Mission, Diocese Iringa

006Most people in Tanzania, East Africa, live below the poverty level. They cook their meals in huts on open fireplaces. Babies often crawl into these fireplaces unattended and get seriously burnt. The result is extensive scarring, which can lead to severe joint stiffness and restrictions in movement.

True to the motto – “those who fight may lose – those who do not fight have already lost” – the nurse Monika Blaser and her husband Horst from Bad Waldsee, Germany, have completely committed themselves to “fire- and clubfoot children” in Tanzania since 1998. They search for handicapped children from all parts of Tanzania.
Operations in collaboration with German surgical teams and local doctors and nurses
Every year the OP-teams examine a lot of patients with cleft lips and cleft palate, burn contractures, skin tumors, debridement etc. Apart from looking after these patients, they also arrange for surgery and other appropriate treatment for children with congenital clubfeet, including children suffering from bone deformations, probably caused by too high fluoride content in the drinking water.

156Subsequent weeks of follow-up treatment in the Ifunda Health Center, medicaments, dressings and other auxiliaries are also paid for from donations. With the remaining donations they improve step by step the condition of the Ifunda Health Center. They buy all medicaments and so on in Tanzania, only collected bandages and special equipments have to be sent by container. Also they arranged and paid building of a nurse house, H.I.V.-house and a big rectory with 10 rooms for doctors and nurses – only some steps to Ifunda Health Center.
All operating-teams and also Monika and Horst Blaser attach great importance to cooperate with the local staff of the Ifunda Health Center. They confirm always grateful the very good cooperation and discovered: “Let us work together – this is the best international understanding!”

Kinderhilfe Tansania, Monika and Horst Blaser, Sonnenbühl 9, 88339 Bad Waldsee/Germany
Tel. 0049 (0) 7524-5388, Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! , www.klumpfuss-feuerkinder.de

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